Consultation document

On 13 September, the panel released a consultation document and invited submissions on it. It outlines our current electoral law and practice and is split into four parts to make it easier to navigate..

This stage of consultation is now closed. The Panel is now considering what it has heard and developing recommendations on what could change. In May of next year, the Panel will release its draft recommendations and invite feedback from you.

Electoral Review Consultation Document 2022 [PDF, 931KB]

Electoral Review Summary 2022 [PDF, 474KB]


The Consultation Document is translated into te reo Māori and the Summary Document is translated into eight languages:

Consultation Document in te reo Māori [PDF, 722KB]

Summary in te reo Māori [PDF, 722KB]

Summary in Samoan [PDF, 390KB]

Summary in Tongan [PDF, 393KB]

Summary in Traditional Chinese [PDF, 631KB]

Summary in Simplified Chinese [PDF, 500KB]

Summary in Korean [PDF, 631KB]

Summary in Hindi [PDF, 480KB]

Summary in Arabic [PDF, 558KB]

Alternate formats

The Consultation Document and Summary are available in the following alternate formats: New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL), large print (18pt), Easy Read, Braille, and Audiobook (DAISY).

Consultation Document in NZSL (video series)

Summary in NZSL (video)

Consultation Document in large print [PDF, 914KB]

Consultation Document in large print [MS WORD, 1MB]

Summary in large print [PDF, 510KB]

Summary in large print [MS Word, 609KB]

Easy Read uses words and pictures to present information in a way that's easier to understand for some people.

Summary in Easy Read [PDF, 5.50MB]

Summary in Easy Read [MS Word, 18.9 MB]

Braille Ready Files (BRF) can be read on Braille compatible devices and printed by Braille printers.

Consultation Document in Braille [BRF, 81KB]

Summary in Braille [BRF, 17KB]

Daisy is a digital talking book format for people who are blind or have a print disability; it provides navigation tools that other audio formats do not.

Consultation Document as audiobook [Daisy - ZIP, 46MB]

Summary as audiobook [Daisy - ZIP, 10MB]

Last updated: 9 November 2022

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